Terms & conditions

The Garage That Comes To You

Our aim is to serve as your competent and reliable repairer . Our staff will always provide you a friendly, attentive service.

The company was set up specifically for rural Perthshire. The web page will be continually updated in order to maximise low cost repairs for you the customer. 


The information contained here, is a basic desciption of services offered and  the customers responsibility


  • Hourly rate £35.00 for mechanical repairs, a charge of 0.55 pence per mile, to your location, as per Google maps. Should you wish to supply your own parts (obtained far cheaper on line) you shall be liable for the first hour, plus our travel expenses to your location, should the part supplied be incorrect.


  • Diagnostic investigation shall incur a charge of £ 4.50  with one hour of       labour and our travelling expenses, I.e. 1 hr £35.00 + £ 4.50 = £39.50

  • A report of faults found and parts required, made available to enable supply of parts by customer.


  • Welding of vehicles shall incur a charge of £6.50 + £35.00 = £41.50 per       hour + travel expenses


  •  We intend to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs, the travel surcharge, are calculated in miles as per google maps to your location to carry out repairs that have been requested.


  •  Due to a number of questions regards pricing, as a new start company,

        we are not VAT registered, therefore the prices quoted are not subjected

        to such.

  •  Whilst non VAT registered is an advantage to the private client, it does not  help companies.

  • Therefore should you be VAT registered, assistance to  obtain your parts in  your company name to enable you to recover VAT  paid on them, email us  for details.