Advice obtaining your parts



  • The Vehicle Date Of manufacture,

  • The Registration Number,

  • The vehicle Identification Number (VIN),

  • The Engine Number,


     All of the above information Required is contained in your (V5) Vehicle                Registration Document.

     with this information you can be reasonably assured that the parts ordered        are correct.


     However should you be in any doubt contact the seller, who are usually              more than helpful to ensure the parts they sell you are correct for your


     If you are still unsure feel free to contact us as we are here to                                assist and advise you wherever we can.

     it is not in our or your interest to make many failed attempts to fit parts that        are incorrect.


    On occasion there will be several options of parts to fit your vehicle,

    we have several motor factors we currently use, who will supply all the 

    Parts and options on a sale or return basis.

    Which ensures your vehicle is repaired and completed on the day, of course     these parts will not be as economical on price, compared with online free           delivery items.

    Please bear this in mind if it is the case that too many options apply to your       vehicle.

    Whilst we shall ensure the parts you supply are correctly fitted. You the             customer shall be wholly responsible for the quality of such.

    The parts supplied and fitted by us are quality aftermarket parts, supplied         by reputable local motor factors, ensuring quality, and on a number of                 applicable parts, warranty applies. 


                   Please ensure when purchasing wheel bearings that are bolt on,

     that you buy it in kit form, so as to ensure the relevant bolts to fit are

     included, to ensure replacement of such on the day of fitment, as we do

     not carry all bolts with anti vibration solution on them, which is important

     to be safe, in that they stay on, the cost of kits is generally a few pence              more than the item on its own.